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1st Place: Room 1808
*Gets a BASIC room comp for 2018 from Thurs-sun of the convention.
(Winner has already been contacted and congratulated.)

-Honourable Mentions
3502, 1608, 222, 224
Looking for our official #VF2017 #Flickr album to upload pics to? You can find it at
ATTENTION! Some Thur/Fri MAIN HOTEL nights have opened up at the main hotel! (Scroll down for main hotel contact!)
VancouFur 2017 starts in 1 week!

What are you most looking forward to?


Dance Comp applications close TONIGHT, 11:59pm PST.

Dont forget to check out our schedule!
(You can create offline calendar schedules for your phone so you dont miss anything you want to attend! It can even send you a daily morning email to remind you of the events you want to attend!)

Rather wing-it? Get panel and event notifications on the fly, right to your phone, by watching us on Twitter ( or Facebook ( - Our entire weekend schedule will be tweeted with ~30 minute warnings for each event! (Just be sure to turn notifications on!)

Curious about volunteering? Visit our Volunteers Room in Boardroom B, at-con, to volunteer! Even an hour is awesome and you can work towards a FREE BASIC 2018 REG! Hours of operation will be posted at the door and are also posted on our schedule…
Attenting vF2017? Have a fursuit? Willing to learn some dance moves? Be a part of our Fursuit GOH dancingduke  dancingduke's VancouFur Fursuit Dance Video and learn these moves!…
Online Pre-Reg has been EXTENDED until FRIDAY Feb 3rd 11:59pm PST!

Paying by Cheques/eCheques? After pre-reg ends (Feb 3rd) you will no longer be able to pay by paypal/cheque. Cash only at the door!

> Exchange rates are pretty good right now! Take advantage of it if you are paying in USD!

Regular Reg: $40 CAD / Aprox $31 USD
Sponsor Reg: $90 CAD / Aprox $68 USD
Patron Reg: $170 CAD / Aprox $128 USD

> Regular registration prices goes UP to $55 for a weekend pass, AT THE DOOR! (Sponsor and patron memberships stay the same price)

> Sponsor and Patron goodies are ordered based on online closing numbers on Feb 1st and are NOT guaranteed to those who pay for these levels AT THE DOOR. While we do try to have extra's for at con sponsor and patron purchasers, QUANTITY IS LIMITED!

*Regular memberships get a conbook and access to the event for all four days.

*Sponsors get the items in the regular membership, plus a convention tshirt, early access to vendors areas, a ticket to the icecream social AND are getting a cool themed pin!

*Patrons are getting the sponsor items plus a GOH dinner ticker AND an LED acrylic badge, custom engraved with your badge info!

SO REGISTER AND PAY BEFORE Feb 3rd! (If you are paying by cheque/check, it needs to reach us by FEB 3rd! So please pay online to ensure your payment gets processed!)
If anyone has any art/items they want to put up in the auction, please fill this out!…

Help us raise money for our wonderful charity, OWL!
Our next staff meeting is on January 21st. This will be our final public meeting before VF2017. 

Time/Address/Online Link Info @
We are saddened to announce that the 2017 #ArtShow has been cancelled. All applicants will be emailed. All info @

#vancoufur #furry #art
We helped make 2016 a little brighter.…
DJ applications are NOW OPEN! Thanks for your patience everyone. :)

#DJ #furry #furrycon #furcon #vancoufur #dance
Are you going to be a vendor at VancouFur 2017? Maybe you are hosting a panel or putting on a performance? Tag "Vancoufur" (or @ us!) in a submission/post about your vending/event, even include examples or photo's of your work and we will share/Fave it! Let us show off your wonderful skills! (We will only fave/reblog pg/pg13 stuff however.)

#vancoufur #vf2017 #vfur2017 #vendor #convention #event #furry #anthro #furryart #furries #spacestationzebra #scifi
Attention All Station Personnel!

Your telecommunications department is requesting assistance for the creation of an inter-station information channel: Zebra News Network. The purpose of this network will be to inform you about life aboard Space Station Zebra.  What do we have to offer?  What can we do for you?  What can you do for us?

Only by working together can we make Space Station Zebra a better place to live, work and play for all of us.  We are a model cosmic community representing a diverse menagerie of species congregated from throughout the known universe.  Ours is a shining example to all of the divisive worlds that mutual cooperation is possible.  Remember that our evolved sensibility became possible only once we had learned the hard way that we had to stop fighting with one another and start communicating.  If we reanimate the silent dismissive nature of our Antediluvian forbearers, we will all fail together.

We intend to get ZNN running well before our scheduled Species Convention next cycle.  That means we are accepting your suggestions as of right NOW!

If you are a Station Department Head and need to reach a wider audience; if you are a Resident looking for an opportunity to rise your voice, or if you are a Traveler seeking to know more about what Space Station Zebra has to offer you, this is an opportunity to be heard!  This is your opportunity to reach out to your fellows.

If you have an idea for an announcement that you would like to see broadcast on Zebra News Network, please submit your ideas to  You can submit a proposal, a scriptment, or a full transcript of your idea; the more fleshed out the better!

If you are a Station Vendor, we have an exciting opportunity for you!  This is your chance to reach the greater galactic marketplace.  If you would like to advertise on ZNN, make us a commercial thirty seconds at most in length, and tell your fellow residents why your products are the best in the universe.  Then submit your advert to the aforementioned address.  We will broadcast your commercial for all to see!

Thank you all for your time, and may the Great Bear of the Stars be your protector.  
Don't miss out on the CAD prices for our registration! Its quite a bit cheaper for some of you international folk!

We are also looking for Theater department leads, Registration staff, Art Show leads and staff, Artist alley/Info desk staff, and more! By volunteering you can work towards FREE registration for VF 2018! All information in the volunteer form at - We cannot run without sufficient staff!
We are looking for feedback for ConStore items! Vote on what you want to see or suggest your own @… (PG please)
Our next meeting will take place on October 22nd at Trapa's (and online!) You can arrive as early as 2pm & meeting starts at 5pm PST! Future meeting dates are posted at and specific times will be forthcoming. Bring your own food/drink or a min $5 donation to pitch in for food orders.

Curious about how a convention runs and what we are up to? Come on by! As a volunteer, you can earn yourself free reg to VancouFur2018 (info at ) and even a single 2 hour shift helps keep the con running! (You do not have to work the entire event and we will plan around your schedule!)

Contact or for the in person address if you are local (Surrey/Langley area of British Columbia, Canada) or online link. (The online link gets emails out on the meeting date, shortly before start time.)
Our website is back! - if some pages aren't loading for you, check back tomorrow as some of the updates may be a little slow!
We thank you for your patience on this website downtime! Our registration system is still live during this time.…

During this downtime, some other applications are also available! Want to host or suggestion a panel? You still can!…

Want to apply for the art show even though our website is currently down? You can! Contact for rules and form!

Want to apply for the Artist Alley even though our website is currently down? You can! Contact for rules and form!

You can also still volunteer even though our website is down! 12 hours gets you free basic reg to VF2018!…
Our website is currently down (for a unknown period of time.) We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Social media will still be updated!

You can still register for the event while the site is down, however!…
The VancouFur 2017 Art Show is now OPEN for applications!
You must be registered for the event before you can apply. (You do not have to pay your registration before applying, but you will need to have everything paid up to confirm your art show panel if you are accepted for a spot.)

Read all the rules and information HERE


Mail-In applicants are now available! This means, if you cannot attend, you can still put art in the art show!

General & Adult panel spaces!
We will now have a curtained off (ID & Badge checked) Adult section of the art show!

#Vancoufur #vf2017 #furcon #furrycon #furry #art #artshow